Why Atelier?

 is a special way to inquire Arts in their deep spiritual roots.  While saying “spiritual” we imply several considerations, as we do not imply another important series of meanings.  An excluded meaning of this word, for instance, is the traditional one-dimensional sense receveid by the obscurantist approach of the power elites that always and everywhere have been trying to reduce the space of art fearing the dimension of changes in consciousness that this medium is able to produce in sensitive persons.

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=JFBvJISPjOw]


The “spiritual” meaning we suggest is very close to the feeling coming from beat literature, completely open towards knowledge, black and white and what lies down in between those extreme points: this is the wonderful domain of shadows, where colours live on.  The correct way to interpret life for art it is not if something is good or evil but if this implies or not emancipation and growing in awareness.  Inside the pages of Atelier Thelema you will find literature, poetry, paintings, chances to keep in touch and – above all – creations of Art as images of the spiritual life.


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