VALETE! – Letter to all the Members of The Universal Order of the Golden Dawn

Do What Thou Wilt
The Light is All
Light is for All
The Light is Yours

Ave Soror and Fratres, Valete!


with enthusiastic feelings, from our dome in Sicily we had notice of the steps given inside Our Honored Order and we congratulate with the Spanish Frater HeM (Jaime) and Soror AUS (Neus), because of their advancement to 3=8 Practicus and with Frater EPEATS (Per, from Sweden), advanced to 2=9 Theoricus.

Konx Om Pax !!!

We wish to congratulate with you, sincerely, as far as we really believe that “in this Order the hidden light may be obtained” and therefore, each advancement of our Members into the path of these Mystical Degrees carries on a step forward in awareness and consciousness of the whole Order, feeling we need to think ourselves in the light of an aetherical mystical body.

Within this philosophical approach, let me say – with the words of an Invisible Master – that it is to remember that “closing up of the work, it is necessary that the Magician should sit down and write up his magical record. (…) he ought to force himself to do this until it becomes a habit. Verily, it is better to fail in the magical ceremony than to fail in writing down an accurate record of it.”

This statement refers to the importance of recording each important and noticeable action inside the Order, to create a magickal memory that will be the collective and connective store of the Order, because this will increase the power of the whole action and, definitely, of the Great Work.

Sincerely we believe this point have to be meditate and absorbed by each Member, because what matters inside it is the meaning of the whole Body of Light.

Because of these reasons, with complete modesty and spirit of dedication, let me invite you to provide date, time and details of the ceremonies (advancement, mystical motto, etc.) and each document (record, related visions, etc.) that is connected to the day of this session (we may call it “the Spanish Work”).

The aim is to create a collect memory of the Order, to be fulfilled in a Magickal Board of the Progress and Achievement of the Order, as we have been already tested with the volume “The Open Golden Dawn“, that we want to forward in a new one where we need to be able to tell the story of the birth and development of this “Universal Order of the Golden Dawn“.

Let me add also that the Order, to develop itself into a growing awareness and to improve its relevance, need to enter in a better understanding of the components of its body.

To join this objective, three main issues would be fulfilled, and these are:

  • the website


  • the collect works


  • the join meeting (and a steering committee)

the implementation of the website, that is the opportunity to enlarge the influence of the Universal Order in the whole Europe, as we are – sincerely – an authentic force of initiation, far from business and authentically oriented towards true Light.

This point is important, because the website must be our contact with the aetherical forces, which are able to drive towards us new people looking for the path of true Light.

Therefore, the website needs to be restarted and with use of appropriated google keys, tags and each details which could improve the traceability in the research result, so that people will be able to find us in a very easy way… Our Venerabile Praemonstrator will remember the work we made some years ago, creating links on Wikipedia as Open Source Order. Now we have to restart the process. For sure, the work done by Circolo Nuit and by Per it is of good taste and quality, but in the first page of a Google research, as “Universal Order of the Golden Dawn” nothing appears related to us. Allow me to underline that this is a point to improve.

About the second point, the collect works, I have already given the main important consideration, above. Let me recall a little about of specific experience on this matter. (See also the links at the end of this letter). Let me remember also that the cover of the book “The Open Golden Dawn” gives an image that – as stated in the back cover, comes from courtesy of Circolo Nuit. And this is not simply because the photo is good, but especially to improve the feeling of something shared. A lot of material inside the book is composed by letters between the Members of the Order. This is what we mean saying “Creating Magickal Memory“.

Related to the third point, sincerely we must think to a joint meeting during next year, with a program and with some special objectives to obtein, so that the Order must think to itself as an international Order, with opportunity to have exchanges everywhere around the world, starting from the little fires lightened, so that we are.

Thinking about an international meeting means how to arrange everyone in a very cheap stay, in a classic R+C style, programming everything by time and properly, in humble and sincere awareness.

We would like to end this letter with all our better feelings, hoping that the words inside will be able, at least a bit, to create a debate between the Members of this Honoured Brotherhood.

We do no pretend to have been saying perfect words, neither to have some special truth. We wish and we want to create that special Light, you know, we can feel while working together during our ritual shared experience in magical ceremonies.

With a drop of that Light we Salute everyone of you, with the proper grip and battery.


From your Italian Oasis

D.C. (Fr. Verbum Est Lux, Osirus Dominus Liminis and Cancellarius in this U.O.G.D.)
C. B. (Sr. Ignis Sum Indomita Spes, Nought=Nought in this Honoured Order)

Members of the External Sources



Atelier Thelema

Lvx is the Law
The Law is Love Under Will
Love under Will is pure Energy
Pure unconditioned Energy is Lvx

given 2012, April, 21th


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